Shine Into Life – Bounce Forward from Cancer

After cancer, people often feel that they can’t or won’t return to their previous life. The disease comes with changes in our priorities, beliefs or abilities. We often experience anxiety, fear of the return of the disease, and a lot of stress.

Coping with this change can be overwhelming, especially after overcoming the illness. We are often on our own to get back on track, to deal with the physical aspects of the illness, which sometimes leaves permanent after-effects, but also the mental aspects, which are just as important for a complete recovery.

During this program, which lasts about 10-12 weeks, we start by taking stock of your physical and mental fitness goals, and then gradually get rid of negative emotions and bad habits. This includes bad physical and mental health habits such as fear, stress and anxiety. We will learn how to bounce back from the physical, occupational, social, and emotional changes we have experienced. In a third step, we will work to rebuild positive relationships and regain confidence in ourselves and in the future.

At the end of the program, you will be able to face the future with serenity and confidence, and will have better tools to deal with the ups and downs of life. Like me, you will be able to recognize the “gifts” that the disease has left you.

How it works:

Following your registration, you will have access to your personalized program, which includes:


  • Group or individual coaching sessions, depending on your modality, based on the latest knowledge in neuroscience.
  • Transformational Neuromovement Lessons (Anat Baniel method), designed to help you regain contact with your body and improve the functioning of your brain.
  • A supportive community if you choose the group program.
  • A book containing all the exercises, techniques, and tools offered in the program, as well as additional references and sources.
    …and at the end of the program, a special gift!

The fall 2020 groups are now FULL.

New dates to be announced soon!

Registration for individual programs is open at all times.

*Note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, programs are primarily delivered online using the Zoom platform.

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