BEACON – Becoming a Better Parent for Children with Special Challenges

Being a parent is a never-ending job, which can be both a source of infinite joy and seemingly insurmountable difficulties. This is especially true when your child has a disability, illness or developmental problem. The challenges our children face are also our challenges, and their successes, no matter how small, fill us with pride.

Life for parents of children with special challenges is full of pitfalls. Whether it is finding and managing resources and the necessary medical and therapeutic support, finding respite, uncovering new solutions to our children’s problems, we are often parachuted into an unknown world that is beyond our own resources. Some parents have to juggle the demands of their child’s needs, their work, the management of the household, and are often faced with difficult choices, coupled with worries about their children’s future. Many parents end up experiencing exhaustion and loneliness.

This program is based on my experience as a parent of a child with developmental challenges. The program includes setting realistic goals for yourself, your child and your family. I offer tools and techniques to redesign a life that is based not on sacrifice but on consciously choosing a path that allows everyone to flourish.

We will pay special attention to making room for oneself without guilt, and work on setting limits. Time will also be set aside to reflect on what constitutes an acceptable balance among financial, work and family priorities. The program also provides tools and techniques drawn from the neurosciences to improve organization and time management, to foster the creation of positive communication habits, and to implement lasting change.

When you register, you will have access to:

  • Group or individual discussion sessions, depending on the modality chosen;
  • An online or in-person support community
  • A book with all the exercises, techniques and tools offered, as well as lots of additional resources
  • Transformational Neuromouvement Lessons (Anat Baniel method) to encourage brain change and well being for the whole family.
    …and at the end of the program, a special gift! 

Fall 2020 groups are now COMPLETE. 

New dates to be announced soon!  Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates! 

Enrolment in individual programs is available on an ongoing basis.


* Note that due to the COVID 19 pandemic, programs are mainly delivered online through a Zoom-type platform.

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