Strengthen your resilience

Are you struggling right now or going through a difficult time? I work with people looking to build resilience and to move beyond adversity, into a life of passion and joy.

The SOLAR approach

The SOLAR approach considers a person in their entirety , whatever the objective, in order to liberate them from the obstacles that keep them from reaching their goals. 

My support is focused on strengthening resilience, meaning the capacity we have to bounce back from a situation of adversity. I combine the best of neuroscience, an approach of active listening and co-creation, with neuromovement (Anat Baniel method).

The result of the approach goes further than the objective, it is to bring you, through action, to radiate, in all spheres of your life.

*(Coach – member of International Coaching Federation)


Shine Into Life - a program for cancer recovery. For a full physical and mental recovery.

In many cases, people feel they cannot go back to their pre-cancer lives.  Along with sickness comes change in our priorities, beliefs or abilities.  Dealing with that change can be taxing, particularly after overcoming disease.  This coaching program is based on my own experience with cancer and explores issues such as: dealing with body change and body image; regaining confidence; changing jobs; getting rid of fear, stress and anxiety; developing better life habits; and managing evolving relationships.

Beacon - a program for parents of kids with special challenges Co-Create a more joyful, resilient family life.

Becoming a parent can be daunting. It is even more so if your child has a disability, a disease, or a developmental challenge.  This coaching program is also based on my experience as a parent of a child with special needs.  The program includes issues such as setting realistic targets for yourself, your child and your family; guilt-free self care; finding balance among financial, professional and family priorities; organization and time management; adopting a serene attitude and effective communication.

A few words about me...

Born in France, living in Montreal since childhood, I am the mother of twins, including a little boy who lives with Trisomy 21. Becoming a mother has been a difficult journey for me, not to mention the special challenges that come with having twins, and those that come with having a different child. Far from being over, this journey continues to be an invaluable source of learning and personal growth.
Before I became a mother, and then a second time when my children were 2 years old, I experienced breast cancer. The ordeal, which was hard for me and my family, led me to explore a new way of living and being. So it was at the end of my second cancer that I decided to honour my mission and share what I had learned along the way.

Today, I am honoured to walk alongside people like you in their journey.

Find out more

Many of you asked about my training. Before becoming a Coach, I studied Environmental Sciences (Master's degree). I worked for a long time on the resilience of communities to environmental change - and today I also apply what I have learned to the individual journey.

In 2019 I completed my coaching training*, a training recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF), of which I am a member. In October 2020, I will complete my training in Neuromouvement (r), Anat Baniel method**, as well as my training in Applied Neurosciences (a training program for coaches). Since 2019, I have started a part-time Bachelor's degree in Psychology***, and I also plan to complete a course on the practice of "Emotional Freedom Technique" (EFT)**** in 2020.

I am eternally curious about how the human brain works, so my training is continuous!


*Académie de Coaching Transformationnel ACTin

**Anat Baniel Method International

***Queen's University

****BrainFirst Training Institute et The Priority Academy

What is a coach?

A coach is a person who accompanies you in a process, towards the achievement of an objective.

Coaching is for you if:

You have an important project to initiate:

You would like to set your strategy, take action more effectively, understand your blockages or propel your action.  Coaching offers an effective method for all types of personal or professional projects.

You would like to be more confident

Through coaching, you can identify practical ways to (re)gain self-confidence, and to establish your relationships on a better, more harmonious basis.

You want to change jobs, or redirect your career

Are you dissatisfied at work? Would you like to find an occupation that is more in line with your values, priorities, or skills? Coaching can help you quickly identify your strengths, find your niche, and set a plan in motion.

You are living unsatisfying or difficult relationships

If you are unhappy with your relationships with your family, children, friends, or colleagues, coaching can help you identify communication tools, regain confidence, and understand the source of challenges.

You want to manage your time more effectively

Do you constantly feel too busy, mentally overloaded, stressed? Does it feel like you’re always running after something?  Through coaching, you will set your priorities, set realistic, achievable and satisfying goals, and reduce your stress, with positive impacts for your health.